National Cirriculum 1970-80

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  • National curriculum 1970-80
    • National curriculum of PE
      • PE is one of 5 subjects which are compulsory to age 16
      • At each Key Stage kids need to be able to show an understand, skill and knowledge of different practical areas
    • Positives of the national curriculum
      • Higher standards
      • Broad and banlanced PE experience
      • Consitient opportunity at all schools
      • Easy transfer between schools
      • Increased chances of life long participation
      • develops:Skill, integrity, creativity, analytical skills
      • provides support to teachers espeacilly non speacalised ones
    • Negatives of the national curriculum
      • tracking and recording can be hard for teachers
      • lack of assessment at primary school can cases confusion at secondary
      • Can restrict creativity
      • Can impose pressure on schools with faciliteies eg tenns
      • schools often offer an unbalanced programme


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