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  • Other explanations
    • Natavist / knowledge of the physical world
      • we are born with innate cog structures which determine cognitive ability
      • development relects this genetic predisposition
      • Bower
        • infants aged 6-21 days attempt to move their heads away from an object moving towards them
          • this shows that babies can percieve depth at a few days old
          • Nature provides us with this ability
          • piaget underestimates the infants understanding of the real world
      • Baillargeon
        • challenged object permenance at 8 months
        • 3 month babies placed infront of a screen, tall and short carrotts
        • babies looked longer at the tall carrot which means they show more interest and therefore have object permenance
        • aware of continued existence
      • Evaluation
        • artificial, implies looking at the object for longer relects interest when there may have been other reasons
        • although the children show sophisticated understanding of object permenance they are not as able when tested on other aspects such as gravity
    • The information processing
      • Humans processing is similar to that of a computer
      • focus on cognitive processes
        • perception
        • attention
        • memory
        • problem solving
      • similar to piaget in that it specifies key changes in information as the child develops
      • different to paiget in that the changes relect quantitively leading to increased cognitive efficiency
      • bee
        • 4 changes with age
          • increased processing capacity
          • increased processing efficiency
          • development of rules for problem solving
          • development of metacognition
      • sieglar
        • used a balance weight problem to test whether children approach tasks differently according to age
        • Most weights or furthest from middle or guess or mathmatic equation
        • found processing strategies became more complex with age
      • Evaluation
        • new teaching techniques - reflecting on mental processing
        • use of computer means social and emotional factors are ignored
        • separate components have been analysed in detail so it is clear how it affects them


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