NAs: Militancy (1970s)

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  • NAs: Militancy (1970s) - self-governing & religious & cultural rights *clockwise*
    • 1968 - AIM (American Indian Movement)
      • Young NAs patrolled the streets wearing red berets and jackets and monitored police activities to prevent mistreatment of Indians by authorities
      • Pursued 'native sovereignty' (right to inhabit land and live according to tribal laws, religions and customs
    • Trail of Broken Treaties Caravan (1972)
      • Left San Francisco to travel across continent to Washington DC > purpose was to raise awareness of plight of NAs
        • Violence broke out when attempts were made to evict protestors
          • Had some immediate effects: Commissioner of Indian Affairs was fired and a new higher level post was made assistant secretary of the interior for Indian Affairs -filled by Iowa Indian, Melvyn Franklin
    • Hundreds of Indians walked from San Francisco to Washington to bring attention to historic dispossession of Indians from their households
      • Longest Walk (1978)


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