Mrs Johnstone Person

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  • Mrs Johnstone
    • She once had a husband and she met him at a dance
      • Marilyn Monroe song
        • Husband walked out on her
    • First time we meet her we are provided with a contrast between her daydream and her problematic reality
      • Can't even pay the milkman "I said, I said, look, next week I'll pay y'"
        • Desperate tone
        • Finding it difficult to survive and support her family
          • "We can just scrape by"
    • "By the time I was twenty five, I looked like forty two"
      • Problems of her life have taken a toll on her
      • Struggling to pay for the basics in life
    • Finds out she is having twins and is anxious - tone "but like they say at the welfare, kids can't survuve on love alone"
    • May be poor but is a loving mother - didn't want to give Edward away
    • "I love the bones of every one of them" Shows she is a good mum and loves her kids
    • Mrs Johnstone works hard to support her fam "I won't even need to take a day off"


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