Blood Brothers: Narrator

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  • Narrator Quotes
    • 'There's a stone in place of her heart'
      • The narrator is saying that Mrs Johnstone is 'cruel' and has no emotion.
      • This is in relation to the narrator wanting the audience to be active and judge Mrs Johnstone herself
    • 'As like each other as two new pins'
      • This is about Mickey and Edward
      • It further clarifies that they are identical twins
    • 'In the name of Jesus, the thing was done. Now there's no going back, for anyone'
      • Mrs Lyons has made Mrs Johnstone swear on the bible.
      • This plays on superstition and religion
    • 'You sold a son, and you can't tell anyone'
      • The narrator clearly blames Mrs Johnstone for the death of tge twins from the very beginning
      • He uses 'you' to show he is accusing Mrs Johnstone.
    • 'The devils got your number'
      • The narrator is often portrayed as the devil and always follows around the characters
      • Again uses the theme of superstition and bad luck to foreshadow the ending
    • 'No one gets off without the price bein' paid'
      • This is a quote from act 2. There is an obvious shift and the narrator seems more sinister
      • Links with class and wealth
    • 'Who’d tell the girl in the middle of the pairThe price she’ll pay just for being there'
      • Talking about Linda being loved by both boys
      • She eventually becomes the cause of Mickey going mad
      • Refers to Linda as a 'lamb'. Saying she is innocent and oblivious
    • The Narrator is used to make the audience remember that they are supposed to be judging every character.
      • It also reminds them that everything isn't what is seems
    • At the end of the play, he asks the audience whether it was social causes that caused the twins death


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