A2 narrative

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  • Narrative
    • Linear/ non linear?
    • Aspects of narrative
      • Tech codes
      • Verbal codes
      • Form
      • Character(s)
      • Narrative conflict
      • Mode of address
      • Multi-strand
      • Restrictive
    • Theories
      • Binary Opposition theory (Strauss)
      • Equilibrium theory (Todorov)
        • Is there any suggestion of resolution in the AS/ A2 pieces?
          • Is there a narrative thread?
      • Character type theory (Propp)
        • Criticism- male oriented. Referring originally to old folk tales. Dismissed by critics. Restrictive. Does not apple to all narratives
      • Campbell, Fletcher & Greenhill's Character Theory
      • Barthes' codes
      • Bartle's character theory
      • Goffman's Character Theory


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