Narrative Structure- Frankenstein

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  • Narrative structure: Frankenstein
    • 1st -Epistolary narrative
      • 2nd-Embedded narrative
        • Victor recounts tale, Walton, Frankenstein, Walton
        • Narrative of Monster- convince his creator to make a mate
          • Victor's narrative- persuade Walton to destroy monster
          • Differing accounts-juxtaposes- to see difference
    • Unreliable narrator- Walton
      • Lack of education, experience
      • Human error/accuracy of story. Is it the truth? one side
        • Readers can't check if story is true
        • Biased/subjective view
      • Difficult to describe his experience- "poor communication of the feeling"
        • Frame narrator- not involved - passive
          • Walton is too distant to know full impact
            • Limited knowledge of events
    • Walton wants to entertain his sister. "greatest pleasure". Exaggeration?
      • Memory issue- letters written days after event
        • Partial memory- recollection is blurred
      • Letters- unreliable- affects narrator-reader relationship
        • Narrative as journal-work on journal and revise his work. Error.




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