Narrative structure

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  • unreliable narrator
    • Narrative structure
      • Should Walton have been more advanced in age, he would seem more reliable
        • Letters written further into the novel
      • Walton will inevitably write less with less detail on days he has less time or is more tired
      • Letters in journal form and therefore more room for error due to the informalities of the style
    • lack of experience
      • Limited knowledge of events
        • Lack of education and experience
    • Lack of education and experience
    • Biased
      • Emotional Involvement
        • 'Emotions are only human, and out of care for or the desire to impress his sister,Walton might of easily have altered the facts'
      • Walton's recollection might have differed from what he thinks
        • Situation could change things; Deathbed
    • There could be human error in the letters
      • forgetfulness


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