Narrative Frankenstein

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  • Narrative Structure
    • Walton not reliable narrator
      • Young and Inexperienced
      • Did not recive formal education
      • Inconsistant as he was preoccupied with his job
      • Third Party therefore high chance of human error
        • He must write down the transcription of Victor's tale through his memory
          • Walton is young and has his duties of a captain to worry about so his memory may be slightly incorrect
    • Victor is not a reliable narrator
      • He is on his death bed
        • This may lead to some details being missed and certain points being over exaggerated
      • Victor is highly bias
        • Victor depicts himself as being the protagonist and a victim of the monsters plight however the monster feels that he is the victim of this tale as he was created and then abandoned and shunned from society
        • The monsters tale is told to Walton through Victor and could therefore be molded to reduce the sympathy generated by his tale.
    • The monster is not a reliable narrator
      • He is also bias in his perception of the De Laceys.
        • He feels that he is the victim as Felix attacked him even though he was trespassing on their property
          • Also you can't blame Felix for retaliating. The monster is of gigantuous stature and could end old man De Lacey's life in a split second if he wanted to.


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