Narrative = GBBO

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  • Narrative - GBBO
    • Formulaic structure
      • Familiarity with the format attracts audience
      • Creates expectations and excitement
      • Same variables such as the type of challenge for that week - plot situations
      • Seperate mini narratives of each contestant represented by behind the scenes/insight in their family homes.
        • Representation of family is reocurring and consistent theme
      • Audiences are placed in a privileged spectator position
      • Manipulation of time and space.
      • 12 bakers: 6 boys and 6 girls
      • We see their life before they bake, which drives a character base and connects us to them making us choose our favourite bakers
        • This attachment to the bakers is what engages us with the programme.
      • Also linear structure
      • Camera always circling, upbeat.
        • Eventually one baker will win the final, with there being a star baker each episode.
          • Paul Hollywood's signature handshake to congratulate contestant.


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