Napoleon; Consent or coercion

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  • A dictatorship dependent on coercion?
    • not so severe in englund's view
      • small secret police force
      • relatively few political prisoners
      • absence of terror
      • propaganda reflected majority view
    • rigging the plebiscites
      • and they were not annonymous
    • propaganda consent
      • brought glory from abroad eg. Italy/egypt
        • art/architecture/
      • roused morale of both soldiers and citizens
    • propaganda and censorship
      • only works when other articles are controlled
      • control of press: were subject to police supervision
      • books and plays
    • popular sovereignty
      • plebiscites
      • lack of opposition
        • those likely would ally as NB gave bribes eg.imperial titles/ legion of honour 1802/ grants of estates/ gifts
      • civil code-allow rights to biens nationaux
      • the concordat
        • no attempts to recover church land
        • clergy were paid by state
        • toleration of other faiths
    • social control and obedience policies
      • education
      • law
      • political changes
    • centralised gove. and state
    • surveillance and police
      • livret/work permit
    • Untitled


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