Nabro Volcano

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  • Nabro volcano
    • stratovolcano, last erupted in June 2011
    • In East Africa, Eritrea
    • Emitted the highest levels of sulphur dioxide ever observed from Earth's orbit.
    • Secondary Economic impact: Lake Afdera salt deposits contain sulphuric acid making them inedible.
      • Many people made the living through selling the salt.
    • Secondary Social impact: 48,000 people in areas effected by the eruption were in need of aid.
      • This was because ash effected food and water supplies.
    • Primary social Impact: On June 16th 2011 inhabitants of nearby villages were evacuated
      • Meaning that many people had to leave behind homes possesions and work and needed somewhere to stay.
    • Primary Economic Impact: Airline traffic was disrupted in the region.
      • Airlines lost money through making alternative arrangements .


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