Warbeck and Simnel

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  • Warbeck and Simnel
    • Threats to Henry's throne
    • Warbeck was Henry's most persistent rival.
    • Impersonated the Yorkist Princes.
      • Pretenders
      • Simnel was named as 'Edward VI'
    • In 1498, Warbeck was sent to the Tower of London
      • He was hung in 1499
    • Warbeck joined the Cornish rebellion
    • Simnel corronated as Edward VI in Dublin.
    • Warbeck's first attempt to invade England in 1495
      • Henry had been forewarned about this invasion
    • Warbeck was welcomed in Scotland and attempted to invade again in 1496, with the Scottish army
      • FAILED!!!!
    • In 1497, Wsrbeck returned and gathered support in Cornwall
      • He deserted the rebellion and fled.
    • Simnel was taken alive during the Battle of Stoke
      • Battle of Stoke was on the 16th June 1487
    • Henry sent an army to Ireland and Warbeck fled to France.


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