Mystical Experience Characteristics

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  • Mystical Experiences
    • Passivity
      • When one 'loses' control to a more powerful being
      • Effects: Assuming different personality, Writing/drawing with a different hand, speaking different language.
      • St John of the Cross: 'I abandoned and forgot myself...I went out from myself leaving my care'
    • Ineffability
      • Most common characteristic of a mystical experience
      • The inibility of being able to describe the mystical experience after having one
      • How can you believe something you cant describe?
      • 'I wish I could give a description of what I learned but when I try to discover a way of doing so I find it impossible' - Theresea of Avilla
    • Noetic Quality
      • When knowledge is gained through the experience
      • Brings intuitive understanding and realisation of the truth
      • 'and thought: what may this be? And it answered generally thus: It is all that is made' - Julian of Norwich
    • Transiency
      • A mystical experience can last between a few minutes and 2 hours
      • The experience doesn't last long but is life changing
      • E.g. W. Somerset Maughams experience


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