Myrtle Wilson

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  • Myrtle Wilson
    • Not a typical 20th century woman
      • 'get somebody a chair"
        • demanding to her husband which is ironic as women were often expected to be delicate and vulnerable
      • 'holds her flesh sensuously'
        • alludes to sexual relationship with Tom as she may fulfil his desires that Daisy do not provide
        • intoxicating
      • 'footsteps down the stairs'
        • lack of delicacy, her appearance is somewhat voluptuous as she is not 'slender' which is somewhat against the fashion of the time- e.g. Daisy  is ethereal
    • materialistic
      • 'i want to get one of those dogs'
        • Myrtle  does  not want the dog sincerely   but as a symbol for her materialism and how she wants to domesticate her relationship with Tom, giving it a purpose
    • somewhat vulgar
      • 'copy of town tattle'
        • interested  in the gossip and rumours shows her unsophisticati-on as she struggles to keep up the facade
    • myrtle is a type of flower that typically symbolises - good luck in marriage, chastity and prosperity
      • ironic as she has an affair on george, is not chaste and lives in an 'unprosperous' house.
      • chastity- not having sex before marriage


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