Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

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  • Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
    • Bacterial infection
    • Primary infection
      • Causes inflammatory response
        • Macrophage engulfs bacteria
          • Granuloma forms
            • Produced in response to infection
            • Anaerobic
              • Have dead bacteria and macrophage in the mdidle
            • Tubercules
          • M. tuberculosis bacteria can survive inside macrophage
            • Have thick waxy cell walls that makes them difficult to break down
              • Can lie dormant for years and is activated when immune system is weakened
            • Breed inside macrophage
        • Infected region heals after 3-8 weeks
      • Most happen during childhood
    • Secondary infection
      • Active TB
        • Symptoms
          • coughing
          • Shortness of breath
          • loss of appetite
            • weight loss
          • fever
            • increases temp
              • thought to enhance immune response
          • extreme fatigue
      • Affects those with weakened immune systems
      • Destroys lung tissue which can lead to death
    • Suppresses T Cells
      • reduces antibody production and attacks by killer T cells
    • Diagnosing
      • skin test
        • Looks for inflammatory response
          • sputum coughed up is then analysed to see what bacteria are present
      • Blood test
        • looks for specific T cells
      • Chest X-rays
        • taken to detect damage and disease in lungs
    • caused by droplet infection


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