My last duchess

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  • My last duchess
    • Women
      • Possessions- Still owns her (portrait)
      • Disposable- others before
    • Flirting
      • Overreaction
      • Blushing- admiration of other men
      • Attention from men not getting from him
    • Killed her
      • Hiding his actions- enjambement to hide couplets
      • Jealousy- wants her to himself
      • Stopped her getting away before she left him, make it seem like his decision
    • Mocked her out of humiliation
    • Built up anger
      • Introduction of dashes
      • As he thinks about it
    • Potential new dutchess' messanger
      • Wants something new to own
      • Likes to have power over someone- gives him worth
    • Taming sea horse
      • Sea horses are tame- like women
      • Unnecessary to tame her




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