English Literature Poetry - My Last Duchess

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  • My Last Duchess
    • 'My'
      • first word; personal pronoun; self-centered
    • 'That's my last duchess painted on the wall'
      • conversational tone; casual; did not are about wife
    • 'my' 'I'
      • possessive pronouns; self-absorbed
    • 'painted on the wall'
      • succession of wives
    • 'Looking as if she were alive'
      • is dead
    • 'That piece a wonder'
      • proud
    • 'Fra Pandolf's'
      • artist
    • 'busily'
      • would have worked slowly if he wanted to be with wife
    • 'Will't please you sit and look at her?'
      • Untitled
    • 'depth and passion'
      • can hide secrets; passionate  about the artist
    • 'earnest'
      • innocent
    • 'countenance'
      • face/expression
    • 'The curtain I have drawn for you, but I'
      • can control who sees wife - something he could not do when she was alive
    • 'Her husband's presence only'
      • she was unfaithful
    • 'called that spot of joy into the Duchess' cheek:'
      • she is blushing; cares about artist's view of her
    • 'perhaps'
      • imagining it; obsessive
    • 'she liked whate'er she looked on'
      • flirts with every man she sees
    • 'My favour at her breast' 'dropping of the daylight in the West' 'bough of cherries' 'the white mule'
      • likes natural things; semantic field of nature
    • 'Would draw from her alike the approving speech, or blush, at least. She thanked men - good!!'
      • flirted with other men; appreciated their attention
    • 'Somehow - I know not how - as if she ranked my  gift of a nine-hundred-years-old name with anybody's gift'
      • feels she should have valued his gift more
    • 'which I have not'
      • is not good at saying how he feels
    • 'and I choose never to stoop'
      • has lots of pride; would not stoop to show he is bothered by the Duchess
    • 'I gave commands; then all smiles stopped together'
      • Duke had Duchess killed; syncecdoche
    • 'Notice Neptune, though, taming a sea horse'
      • metaphor for him taming her
    • 'me!'
      • last word; personal pronoun; self-centered
    • 'Nay, we'll go together down, Sir'
      • envoy was trying to leave/escape
    • '''Just this or that in you disgusts me; here you miss, or there exceed the mark''
      • refuses to address the problem; pridefu


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