The My Lai Massacre

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  • My Lai Massacre
    • March 1968
    • Search-and-destroy mission
    • Quang Ngai, South Vietnam
    • They had been told that there was a Viet Cong head quarters
      • No Viet Cong discovered, only 3 weapons found
    • The soldiers had been ordered to destroy all houses, livestock etc.
      • Most of them were under the impression that they had been ordered to kill anyone found in the village
        • They were told all civilians would be out at the market because it was Saturday
    • 16th March
      • Early morning
    • between 300-400 civilians dead
      • Mostly women, old men and children
    • The commanding officers report said that 20 non-combatants had been killed but the rest were reported as Viet Cong
    • There was an investigation that ended in the trail for mass murder of Lieutenant William Calley
      • In sept 1969 he was formally charged with the murder of 109 people.
      • They placed all responsibility on Calley and denied he was acting under orders
        • The court case gained masses of media attention
    • Aftermath
      • The US public were deeply shocked about the tragic events
        • It was the clearest evidence that the war had gone wrong


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