My last duchess- context

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  • My Last Duchess - Context
    • Browning loved history and European culture (the story is based on the life of an Italian Duke from the sixteenth century).
    • The Duke is Alfonso II who ruled in Northern Italy in the late 1500s.
    • the poem s set in 1564, three years after the death of his first wife Lucrezia, the Duchess.
    • Lucrezia died aged 17, only two years after she married the Duke. Historically, Lucrezia is said to have died in suspicious circumstances and might have been poisoned.
    • In the poem the Duke shows an emissary(a representative or messenger)  a picture of his late wife and remarks on her character
    • men had more power. women would get married at the age of 12 to gain support (financial) from their partners.


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