My Last Duchess by Robert Browning

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  • My Last Duchess by Robert Browning
    • Context
      • born in 1812
      • his poems focused on power and wealth
      • particular poem is about pride and the power of humans
      • the duke in the poem is believed to be Duke Alfonso II of Ferrara
      • he was a master of writing dramatic mologues
      • he came from a well off family
      • he had written a book of poems at the age of 12
    • Conflicts
      • power of pride
      • power of wealth
      • power of possession
      • power of identity and humans
      • control and power of gender
      • importance: inferior// superior
    • Language
      • rhetorical questions
      • "that's my last duchess"
      • "spot of joy"
      • "too soon made glad, too easily impressed"
      • "who'd stoop to blame" : "never to stoop"
      • "notice Neptune though"
      • "then all smiles stopped together"
      • authoritative language
    • Form and Structure
      • enjambment and caesure
      • dramatic monologue to show who is in control (the duke)
      • regular rhyming structure
      • AABB
      • repetition of verbs and pronouns
      • stuttering effect (-)
      • a lot of babble about himself
      • negative ideas about his duchess because of the repetition
    • Emotions
      • control
      • pride
      • negative- possession of humans which shows what happened in the past
      • wealth
      • importance of masculinity
      • power and identity
    • Past and Present
      • it was okay to keep women as property
      • it was good to get wifes killed and then get a new one
      • now it is shocking
      • women were treated as inferior
      • now it is frowned upon and women are treated more equally


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