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  • Mutation
    • How mutation occurs
      • Naturally
      • Being exposed to mutagens
    • Types of Mutation
      • Point Mutations
        • The adding or erasing of one base pair
      • Frameshift mutations
        • The adding or erasing of more than one base pair
    • How mutations may be repaired
      • Proteins within the cell's nucleus 'cut out' damaged sections of DNA and fill the gap with correct sequence.
      • When constantly being exposed to a mutagen the repair process can miss damaged DNA
    • Cells that can be affected by Mutations
      • Somatic
        • Can change the function of the body cell but are not genetic
      • Germline
        • Untitled
    • Mutation effects on individual
      • Beneficial - cause bones to become stronger
      • Harmful- cause disease
    • Natural Selection
      • When a mutation is beneficial and helps the organism survive. The trait is passed onto offspring
      • Islands are good places to see natural selection as they are isolated and there are no external influences interfering


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