Muslim Holy Books

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  • Muslim Holy Books (Kutub)
    • Kutub - revealed books
      • Revealed to humanity by Allah
    • Qur'an
      • Main holy book for Muslims
      • Revealed to Prophet Muhammad by Angel Jibril over 23 years
        • Words came directly from Allah
        • Muhammad recited the words to his followers
          • Either written down or remembered
          • Words collected into a book after Muhammad's death by his successor - Abu Bakr
            • 3rd Successor (Uthman) standardised all copies
      • Written in Arabic
        • Muslims believe it is important to learn in original language so it's not changed in translation
      • Divided into Surahs and ayats
      • Often learned by heart
        • Great respect to those who do this
    • How is the Qur'an respected
      • Placed on stand - can't touch ground
      • Muslims clean before reading it
      • Covered when not in use
      • Placed in highest point in room
      • No eating, drinking, speaking whilst reading
      • Not handling unless necessary
    • Tawrat
      • Longest used scripture
      • Revealed to Moses
    • Zabur
      • Revealed to King David
      • Some believe not revealed divinely
    • Why are holy books important
      • A form of revalation
      • Contain truths from Allah
      • The Qur'an guided people on how to live
      • Show Allah wants to interact with humans
      • Become closer to Allah through reading his words
      • Important source of wisdom and authority


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