Musical Theatre Styles

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  • Musical Theatre Styles
    • Concept Musicals
      • A musical where the show's metaphor  is more important than the actual story.
        • West Side Story
    • Jukebox Musicals
      • A stage or film musical that uses previously released popular songs as its musical score.
        • Mamma Mia!
    • Book Musicals
      • Drama that is well dveloped and tries to simulate sorrowful emotions instead of laughter.
        • The Book of Mormon
    • Rock Musical
      • A show with little dialogue but music and singing throughout. The songs tend to be serious or as a spectacular. 
        • Jesus Christ Superstar
    • Revivals
      • A revival is a reworking of a play that has already existed.
        • Annie
    • Operettas
      • A musical with a small amount of opera, and usually humourous dialogue.
        • The Pirates of Penzance
    • African American
      • Musicals that explore black history and culture.
        • Porgy and Bess
    • Operas
      • Dramatic music including soft, classical music.
        • Madame Butterfly
    • Film Musicals
      • Films that use song and dance to support the storyline.
        • The Lion King
    • TV Spin-Offs
      • Shows that are related to, or have been adapted from, a popular TV programme.
        • Jerry Springer
    • Vaudeville
      • Entertainme-nt with a mixture of song, dance and sometimes speciality acts.
        • The Entertainer
    • Pop Musical
      • Large musicals, with extravagant, elaborate and exageratted effects.
        • Les Misérables
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