Music- For voices

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  • Music for Voices
    • Works for choir
      • Include: mass, oratorio, cantata and anthem
      • often set to religious texts and performed in a church or cathedral
      • Usually made up of Sopranos, Altos, Tenors and Basses
      • May be unaccompanied (a cappella) or accompanied by an orchestra, organ, piano or other ensemble
      • Often include a number of choruses (for the whole choir) and arias (for soloists)
    • Solo Songs
      • Often accompanied by piano. usually performed in a small concert hall or recital room
    • Opera
      • Staged drama
      • usually performed by vocal soloists and a chorus, who are accompanied by an orchestra
    • Key Features
      • Types of Voices
        • Female
          • Soprano: high
          • Mezzo soprano: Medium
          • Alto: Low
        • Male
          • Treble-equivalent to soprano
          • Tenor- High
          • Baritone:Medium
          • Bass-Low
      • Vocal Techniques
        • Falsetto
        • Vibrato
      • Structure
        • Three forms to songs are strophic, through-composed and the da capo aria
        • Binary or ternary form


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