Music: Moby- Why does my Heart feel so bad?

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  • Moby
    • Structure
      • In the form of verse and chorus (A&B). A is verse, B is chorus.
      • Chorus delineated by use of: -female voice, new idea, change of chord pattern and change from DORIAN mode (D) to a sense of C major.
    • Melody
      • First sample (A) has a male voice with remnants of backing vocals. Taken from first sense of original but words are altered to make mood different from original.
      • Second sample (B) uses a female voice. Taken from the middle of chorus of original.
    • Harmony
      • Harmonised very simply with chord changes every 2 bars and only a total of 6 chords.
        • Sample A uses a falling harmonic sequence (chords Am and Em, repeated as G and D)
        • Sample B has two harmonization  Bx alternated between chords C and Am. By alternated between chords F and C.
    • Tonality
      • No key signature given
      • Chord of Am is prominent but no G# and in sections based on sample A there are constant F#s
        • Creates pattern of tones and semitones belonging to DORIAN mode but based on the note A. transposed version= ABCDEF#GA
        • Use of  only six pitches could be described as hexatonic. but is diatonic.
    • Rhythm.
      • Snare drum accents the backbeats (2+4)
      • Clave part is  entirely offbeat.
    • Mood
      • Melcancholy feel
        • Use of DORIAN mode.
        • Prominence of minor chord at opening.
        • Narrow range and falling shape of most melodic ideas.
        • Thin static character of ending.


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