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  • Music videos
    • Important promotional tool for songs and artists
    • Used to interpret meaning and entertain an audience
    • Music videos may be performance based, narrative, thematic (related to the lyrics) or a combination
    • Performance videos
      • Usually older or indie
      • May be about showing off a band or developing star persona
      • Codes and conventions
        • Clips of the band performing and the audience gives the audience at home a sense of involvement
        • Clips of the band in everyday situations gives the audience a more personal view
        • Several close-ups of the performer who may have a direct mode of address which engages the audience.
          • They may also be of iconography suggesting the genre or theme.
        • The artists may perform in unusual locations to add entertainment value
    • Narrative music videos
      • Filming and editing can tell the story in the lyrics. The narrative may have a different ending to what's expected. The lyrics may be used to make a social comment.
      • The construction of a narrative that may involve the performer acting.
      • The creation of a mini narrative that represents a film which may have high production values depending on the performers status. It may have a clear structure and the use of pov shots involve the audience
      • A narrative may contain enigmas to retain the audiences attention
      • Stereotypical characters help tell the story


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