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  • Music Promotion Package
    • Ideas
      • GENRES
        • Based on song type
          • Hip Hop
        • Performance
          • Artist is in the video and is singing the song, no other plot line
        • Narrative
          • Follows a story line which makes it interesting to the viewer
        • concept
          • Artists or directors interpretation of a song. No limits or typical conventions
        • Lyric Video
          • Song lyrics must be on the screen and can be paired with range of imagrey/video
      • Road trip video with friends
      • Focus on costuming/ location
      • Link video with lyrics
      • Focus on friendship or independence as oppose to couples
    • Codes + Conventions
      • Variety of shots to place an emphasis on the artists, story-line or location
      • Mise-en-scene is usually symbolic of the lyric/meaning of song
      • Costume, colouring and lighting are important to reflect mood
      • Different styles of video for each genre
      • Perspective could be first person or second hand
    • Resources
      • Friends
      • School Equipemnet
        • Camera
        • Tripod
        • Lightbar
      • Car to travel to loactions
      • Interesting wardrobe
      • A song to use, copyright free?


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