Music for a While - GCSE music 2018

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  • Music For A While -  Henry Purcell
    • Instrumentation
      • harpsichord
      • Bass-Viol
      • Soprano voice
    • Melody
      • Vocal range of a 9th
      • Much of the music is conjunct
      • Passing notes are frequent
      • Leaps are small and no greater than a 4th
      • Rests are used to break up phrases or for emphasis
      • There are some descending sequences
      • Lots of ornaments used
    • Structure
      • Follows a ground bass structure - short and reoccurring
      • Arpeggio based
      • The ground bass is heard 4.5 times before it modulates in bar 14
    • Texture
      • Melody dominated homophony
      • Accompiment provided by the ground bass in the left and bass of the harpsichord and bass viol
      • The righthand harpsichord provides counterpoint with the vocal line
    • Tonality
      • A minor
      • Is sometimes ambiguous due to diatonic elements are chromaticism
      • The central section modulates lots of times into different, relative keys
      • Modulations are confirmed in perfect cadences
    • Harmony
      • Use of perfect cadences to end phrases
      • Chords are diatonic and functional
      • Suspensions are used occasionally
      • Dissonances are infrequent but used for word painting
    • Tempo, metre and rhythm
      • No tempo indication - but usually played slowly
      • The tempo is 4/4 time
      • quavers and semi-quavers are the most predominant
      • Dotted rhythms are sometimes used in the vocal line
      • Ground bass is entirely quavers


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