Music for a While: Harmony

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  • Music for a While: Harmony
    • Chords are diatonic and functional.
    •  Perfect cadences are achieved from the chord V at the end of the ground to the chord I at the start of the next playing of the ground bass (e.g. bars 3–4). This is a Ic–V–I cadential 6–4.
    • Suspensions are used very occasionally. For example, there is a 4–3 suspension in bar 3 beat 4½ in the harpsichord part.
    • ·         Dissonances are infrequent but examples can be seen on the word ‘pains’ in bar 12 with a D in the bass against and E in the voice and on the word ‘eas’d’ in bars 13–14 where there is dissonance followed by resolution at the start of each repetition of the word.
    • Another type of dissonance used is false relation, which can be seen in bar 1 with an F? in the ground bass and a F? in the right hand of the harpsichord (although strictly not adjacent to each other, they do colour adjacent chords). 


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