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  • Religious Studies
    • Architecture
      • Example
        • La Sagrada Familia
          • Catholic monumental church
          • Devoted to the holy family: Jesus, Mary and Joseph
          • Started construction  in 1882
            • Antoni Gaudi was commisioned to continue it.
            • The building is unlikely to be finished by 2026
              • Shows that many devoted,  religious architects worked on it
          • 8 spires have been built, so far, twelve representing christs apostles, for the evangelists
            • One is for the blessed virgin Mary and the tallest is for christ the saviour
            • Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
          • Used as a place of worship
          • Inspiration and devotion
    • Art
      • Example
        • The Last Supper
          • Created in the 15th century- mural painting.
            • By Leonardo Da Vinci
          • Shows the scene of the last supper with Jesus and his deciples.
            • Gospel of John
          • Reason made: inspiration and money
          • Portrays the reaction of each apostle; when Jesus tells them one will betray him
            • Apostle's have different reactions
              • Suprised: Bartholomew, James and Andrew
          • Judas
            • Is in shadow, looking withdrawn
            • Sudden revelation


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