Command words

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  • Command words
    • Identify/state. name
      • Recall or select one or more pieces of information.
    • Define
      • State the meaning of a term
    • Calculate
      • Produce a  numerical answer, showing relative workings
    • Label
      • Add a label/labels to a given resource, graphic or image
    • Draw/plot
      • Create a graphical representa -  tion or geographical information
    • Compare
      • Find the similarities and differences of two elements given in a question.
      • Each response must relate to both elements and must include a statement of their similarity/difference.
    • Describe
      • Give an account of the main characteristic of something or the steps in a process.
      • Statements in a response should be developed but do not need to include a reason.
    • Explain
      • Provide a reasoned explanation of how or why something occurs. An explaination requires a point.
      • Some questions will require the use of annotated diagrams to support the explanation.
    • Suggest
      • Apply an understanding to provide a reasoned explanation of how or why something may happen. A suggested explanation requires a point.
    • Examine
      • Break something down into single processes and say how each one contributes to the question's theme and how the components work together.
    • Assess
      • Use evidence to determine the relative significance to something. Give consideration to all factors and identify which are the most important.
    • Analyse
      • Investigate an issue by breaking it down into individual components and making logical, evidence  -based connections about the causes and effects between the components.
    • Evaluate
      • Measure the value of something and ultimately provide a  conclusion. Review information and then bring back together to form a conclusion and to draw up the results.
    • Discuss
      • Explore the strengths and weaknesses of different sides if an issue. Investigate the issue by reasoning or argument.


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