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  • Music
    • 7th chords
      • Seventh notes have a note which is seven notes above the keynote. The note is lowered by a semitone.
      • C7 is CEGBb
        • F7 is FACEb
          • G7 is GBDFb
    • Inversions
      • If the note at the bottom of the chord is the letter the chord is named after then it is in ROOT POSITION.
        • If the root note of a chord is raised by an octave it is called a first inversion chord.
          • From first inversion if the bottom note is raised up by an octave then it is called second inversion.
            • An easy way to spot first and second inversion is that in first inversion the top note on the stave is raised slightly and in second inversion the bottom note is lowered slightly.


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