Muscles Twitch Fibres

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  • Muscles twitch fibres
      • FEATURES
        • Contracts more rapidly
        • powerful contraction for a short period of time
        • quickly become fatigued- lactate accumulates rapidly
        • adapted to intense exercise e.g. weight training
        • very little myoglobin- muscle appears lighter colour
        • ATP largely obtained from glycolysis (from ATP previously made)
        • fewer blood capillaries
        • large store of Ca2+ ions
        • high rate of ATP hydrolysis in myosin heads- store of phosphocreatine to generate ATP in anaerobic conditions
      • FEATURES
        • Contract more slowly
        • less powerful contractions over a longer period of time
        • resistant to fatigue
        • Adapted to endurance work e.g. Marathon running
        • large store of myoglobin (bright red) molecule that stored O2 accounts for red colour of slow twitch
        • supply of glycogen- stored of energy for aerobic respiration
        • rich supply of capillaries to supply glucose and O2 to fibres
        • numerous, large mitochondria
        • smaller stored of Ca2+ in tubules
        • slower rate of ATP hydrolysis in myosin heads
    • Antagonistic Muscles
      • Muscles can pull they cannot push. muscles are attached to bone by inelastic tendons
      • muslces work in ANTAGONISTIC PAIRS- when one contacts one relaxes. A flecor muscles bends at a joint, an extensor muslces straigjtens it eg biceps and triceps


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