Muscles Revision Notes

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  • Muscles
    • Isotonic Coontractions
      • Results in movements e.g push upps
    • Muscle Names
      • *Deltoid       *Trapezius    *Latissimus   *Dorsi           *Pectorals     *Abdominals  *Biceps         *Triceps        *Gluteals       *Quadriceps     *Hamstrings  *Gastrocnemi um (calf)
    • Voluntary Muscles
      • Can be consciously controlled
      • These are used when doing a physical activity
      • Can be trained to be stronger and work for longer periods of time without getting tiered
    • Antagonistic Muscles
      • One contracts  and one lengthens
      • The muscle contracting is the prime mover
      • The relaxing muscle is the antagonist
    • Isometric Contractions
      • Muscle contractions to keep muscles in a fixed position
    • Involuntary Muscles
      • These muscles contract and lengthen by themseles
      • E.g the heart (cardiac muscle)


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