Dharavi - Planning and Management

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    • Largest slum in Mumbai
    • Conditions in the slum
      • 1 million people crammed into 1 mile squared
      • Doctors deal with 4,000 cases of typhoid and diphtheria daily
      • Water is on for 2 hours a day only
      • Lack sanitation
      • 500 people share one toilet
        • Maheem Creek used as a toilet
    • Positives of the slum
      • Nearly 5,000 individual businesses
      • 85% of residents have a job
      • Buildings are bright and colourful
      • Good amount of recycling
    • Management
      • Government have attempted to move some of the residents
        • The people who have been there since 2001 ONLY can move
        • Moving the people into high rise, 14 story tower blocks
      • $2 billion
      • Locals would much prefer to improve what they have with drainage ect
      • Locals are not happy as it will get rid of the community feeling


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