Mumbai- Facts and Figures

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  • Mumbai
    • Facts and Figures
      • Population: 23 million
      • Handles 60% of sea trade
      • 33% of all income tax that is paid in India comes from mumbai
      • Major Offices based in Mumbai: Bank of America, Disney, Johnson and Johnson
      • Largest amount of foreign investment in India
      • Bollywood is based there: makes more money than Hollywood- Wider audience
    • Opportunities
      • Wide range of jobs available for all abilities
        • Well Paid: Bank of America
        • Moderate: Call centres
        • Poorly: Selling drinks/newspapers in traffic
    • Dharavi
      • 60% of the families have lived there for 60 years
      • Recycling Industry
        • $10-$15 million per year
        • Gives 10.000 jobs per year
      • Access to education  and health is easier
      • Average wage is double the income than other slums
        • Make money doing jobs that nobody wants


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