Multistore Model of Memory

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  • Multistore Model of Memory
    • Description
      • The MSM describes memory as information passing through a system, with Input > Process > Ouput
      • Information enters the sensory Memory once its detected by sensory organs
        • Less than 1 second store
        • Very large capacity
      • If attended to, information enters STM
        • Duration 18-30 seconds
        • Capacity: 7 +/- 2 items
          • Millers chunking
      • Info from STM once rehearsed enters LTM
        • Unlimited Storage
        • Unlimited Capacity
    • Studies
      • Clive Wearing - Provides support for distinct STM and LTM stores
        • Brain damage results in no new long term memories, but he remembers whats in STM whilst using it
      • Glanzer and Cunitz (1966)
        • Proved Primary and Recency Effects
      • Peterson and Peterson (1959)
      • FK, Carbon Monoxide
    • Advantages
      • Generated alot of research into memory
      • Many supporting studies can be used as evidence
    • Disadvantages
      • Too simplistic
      • Many studies lack Ecological Validity
      • Many studies use tasks we dont normally come across
      • No definition for 'capacity'.
      • Rehearsal is not essential, as the model makes out


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