Multimodal texts

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  • Multimodal texts
    • Using emotive language- sways feeling of the audience
    • Gives facts and statistics- persuades audience that these are facts and can be proved to be the truth
    • Refers to audience- persuades audience that these are facts and can be proven to be the truth
    • Uses repetition- reinforces the point, adds rhythm
    • Uses lists of 3 groups ideas together likely to stay in the audiences mind
    • Uses exclamation- emphasises statement. Adds tone of excitement, urgency or another strong emotion
    • Alliteration- makes writing lively and holds our attention
    • Similes or metaphors- creates image
    • Rhyme- makes writing lively, holds attention
    • Hyperbole- emphasises excitement fear or humour to engage audience
    • Imperative- urgency and importance
    • Descriptive language- appeals to audiences senses  and helps imagine vividly


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