ICT - Multimedia

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  • Multimedia
    • Presentations
      • Involves a sequence of slides projected onto a screen, these changing of slides can be controlled by a timer or a person.
      • Creating a slide show you should consider, the order in the slides, what animations to include, the mathods of transition, the grphics you us and the preparation of text, sound or video clips.
    • Web Pages
      • These contain many features that a presentation does but has differences such as each 'slide' of a website is a page and they are accused using the internet not a slideshow.
    • Animation
      • These have effects such as fly ins, appear randomly or on a timer or a click.
    • Slide transitions
      • These are programmed to either fade, dissolve, wipe-down or wedge.
    • Actions/ Hyperlinks
      • These can perform actions such as moving back and forth slides, running a movie clip, opening a document and linking you to a website.
      • Navigation bars are usually out onto a website's homepage so that you can navigate between pages.


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