Immigration act and the growth of multiculturalism

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  • Multiculturalism
    • Settlement: Birmingham included large numbers of Indians and Pakistanis. Many Asian's settled in Bradford because there was a need for employment in the declining textile industry and were desperate for cheap and unskilled labour
    • 1961, 130,000 had entered into the UK from the commonwealth
    • Controlling Immigration:1967 Kenyan officials drive out Asian Kenyan's and by the end of the 60's the ethnic population had grown to 1 million
    • Teddy boys had conflict with ethnic minorities, "men must be able to walk the Queen's highway in peace without fear" bur this just wasn't the case
    • Van dijk- Ethnic minorities were seen as a threat and labelled as 'other'
      • Hall mugging the the 70's was blames on black young me as a scapegoat to societies other problems
  • The commonwealth immigration act - 1962:Ended free immigration for former commonwealth countries, even for those who held a passport already.
    • The common immigration act - 1965: reduced the number of work vouchers to 8,500 a year and under 16's could only be joined by a family member.
      • The race relations act- 1965: forbid discrimination of colour, race, ethnicity or national origin, but carried on in housing and employment
        • The commonwealth immigration act - 1968: only those with at least one grandparent born in the UK could be granted citizenship
          • The race relations act- 1968: banned racial discrimination in housing and employment to provide a harmonious community
  • Enoch Powell: Rivers of blood  - only 300 letters disagreeing


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