Multicultural society

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  • Multicultural society
    • Issues relating to living in a multicultural society
      • Increases in race-related crime and violence
      • Lack of ethnic integration due to cultural differences
      • Non-English-speaking migrants working long hours in factories with mainly other non-English-speaking workers
      • Migrant workers getting jobs instead of local residents
      • Policing a multicultural society, the need for interpreters.
    • different models
      • Assimilation
        • More like the destination country and less related to the country of origin
        • Existed in Britain after the Second World War
        • Absorbed into a collective national identity
        • National identity takes precedence over individual identity
      • Multicultural
        • Anti-discrimination laws exists to protect cultural diversity
        • All cultures are celebrated
        • Differences in culture, ethnicity and beliefs are encouraged
        • No one culture is considered dominant


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