Evaluating the multi-store model

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  • Multi-Store Model
    • Strengths
      • strong evidence to support it
      • structure and process provided
      • Clear predictions about memory
        • psychologists can conduct studies to test it
    • Limitations
      • Oversimplifies memory structure and processes
      • KF-difficultly dealing with verbal information in STM but processed visual information fine.
        • STM is not a single store
      • Schacter et all suggested 4 LTM stores: Semantic Episodic Procedural Perceptual-representation system (PRS)
      • Enduring memories are created by the processing instead of the rehearsal
        • Craik and Tulving: semantic processing=most remembered and shallow processing=least remembered
      • STM relies on LTM so can't come first
        • Runchkin et al showed that real words used more brain activity than psuedo words


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