multi-store model (strengths and weaknesses)

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  • Multi-store model
    • Limitations
      • too simplistic and inflexible to explain entire memory system
        • doesn't go into enough detail or take enough details into account which may effect what info individuals remember clearer
          • e.g. they haven't considered whether someone finds the information interesting or any methods that people may use to remember info
      • criticised by Baddeley and Hitch with their theory of WMM
        • MSM states that STM is a single store with very limited capacity
          • Baddeley and Hitch disagree with this and their model emphasises this
    • Strengths
      • distinguishes between STM and LTM in terms of capacity, duration and encoding
        • supported by people with brain damage causing memory impairment (case study of HM)
      • serial position effect (Glanzer and Cunitz) - conducted a lab experiment


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