Multi-Store Model of Memory

This is a mindmap with everything needed to know about the Multi-Store Model of Memory for AS Psychology (AQA Exam Board). The only thing that is missing is the evidence to support the model (Glantzer and Cunitz).

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  • Multi-Store Model - Atkinson and Shiffrin
    • Sensory Store
    • Short Term Store
    • Long Term Store
    • Capacity
      • STM
      • LTM
    • Duration
      • STM
      • LTM
    • Encoding
      • STM
      • LTM
    • Primacy Effect
    • Recency Effect
    • Capacity- Baddeley- STM
    • Duration: Peterson and Peterson- STM
    • Encoding STM- Baddeley
    • Bahrick et al- Duration LTM
    • Baddeley: Encoding- LTM
    • Strengths: Distinguishes between STM and LTM in terms of capacity, duration and encoding.
    • Weaknesses: Too simplistic and inflexible to explain entire memory system.


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cool mind map...really detailed XDD

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