Multi store model evaluation

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  • Multi store model evaluation
    • Case study of KF
      • Motor bike accident
      • STM was impaired, LTM remained in tact
      • Shallice and Warrington investigated his memory
        • Found that only certain aspects of his STM were damaged
      • The STM isn't unitary as the model suggests
    • Use of artificial stimuli
      • A lot of the evidence used lab experiments
      • People may act differently in artificial situations
      • Aren't regular tasks we complete in our day to day lives
      • Low ecological validity
    • Case study of Clive Wearing
      • Virus in his brain
      • could no longer form new long term memories
        • STM was still in tact
      • The memory stores are seperate units as the model suggested
      • However, it was suggested his procedural long term memory was still in tact, he could still play the piano.
    • Model is reductionistic
      • Baddely and Hitch proposed the working memory model (STM)
        • It suggets that the STM has more than one component, it isn't unitary
          • phonological loop, episodic buffer, visuospatial sketchpad, central executive
      • The model over simplifies the memory stores
      • It simplifies the process of memory so we can understand it


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