Multi-store model

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  • The multi-store model
    • Sensory register
      • Duration; different sensory stores have different durations
      • Capacity; all sensory experiences
      • Coding; very large and sense-specific
    • Short term memory
      • Duration; Between 18 and 30 seconds
      • Capacity; Between 5 and 9 items
        • Can be improved by chunking
      • Coding; Mainly acoustic
    • Long term memory
      • Duration; forever (unless injury or disease)
      • Coding; Mainly semantic
      • Capacity; Unlimited (unless decay and interference)
    • Evaluation
      • Reductionist; each process has now been found to be more complex (e.g. WMM)
      • Supported by brain scans (empirical)
        • Different tasks use different areas
          • STM uses pre-frontal cortex; LTM uses hippocampus
      • HM and his hippocampus case study supports transfer from STM to LTM
      • Argues that rehearsal is the only way to transfer information
        • We tend not to rehearse procedural memories but can still do them


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