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  • Muhammad
    • Muhammad was the seal of the prophets . This means he was the final prophet, he perfected the religion. Thousands of prophets came before him but their words became either distorted or lost
    • Born ca 570-632 CE in Mecca
    • The first revelation came  when Muhammed was in the cave called Hira, a place where he often escaped as he felt disapointed by hifellow Meccans behaviour, it was in this cave that Muhammad was confronted by the Angel Jibril, after which he recieved frequent revelations from Allah
    • As the ranks of Muhammad's followers swelled he faced increasing hostility from the polytheistic tribes in Arabia at the time. There wealth, after all came from the Ka'ba which was known as the house for the many Gods
    • Some Muslims would argue that Muhammad was not merely the last prophet, but the other prophets could not have appeared without his 'seal of approval'
    • Because Muhammad was the seal of prophets some Muslims will follow the 'Sunnah' which means way of the prophet. This is seen as the second most important thing from the  Qur'an as it gives guidance with the practical problems that come with the Qur'an


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