Much Ado About Nothing - Key Quotes Mindmap

The key quotes for the main characters in Much Ado About Nothing by Shakespeare

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  • Much Ado About Nothing
    • Hero
      • "Refuse me, hate me, torture me to death!
      • "Our talk must only be of Benedick"
      • "Sick in love"
      • "greedily devour the treacherous bait"
    • Claudio
      • "Can the world buy such a jewel ?"
      • "rotten orange"
      • "Sweet Hero"
      • "most foul, most fair"
    • Benedick
      • "Lady Disdain! Are you yet living?"
      • "you have killed a sweet and innocent lady"
      • "Do you not love me?"
      • "She speaks poniards, and every word stabs"
      • "What, my dear Lady Disdain! Are you yet living?"
    • Don Pedro
      • "common stale"
      • "get thee a wife"
    • Beatrice
      • "is Signior Mountanto returned from the wars or no?"
      • "He is the Prince's jester"
      • "Kill Claudio!"
      • "O that I were a man for his sake!"
      • “I Had Rather Hear My Dog Bark at Crow Than a Man Swear He Loves Me.”
    • DogBerry
      • "Is our whole dissembly appeared?"
      • "remember that I am an ***"
    • Leonato
      • "a kind of merry war...a skirmish of wit"
      • "But mine, and I loved, mine I praised"
      • "Hath no man's dagger here a point for me?"
    • Don John
      • "I cannot hide what I am: I must be sad when I have cause and smile / at no man's jests"
      • "It must not be denied / but I am a plain-dealing villain."
      • "I am sick in displeasure to him."


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