GCSE Geography AQA Mt St Helens Volcano Case Study

Case study of Volcano - Mt St Helens

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  • Mt St Helens Volcano
    • Primary Effects
      • 63 people were killed by the gas
      • Hot ash and gas destroyed forests and logging camps
      • mud flows of ash and water covered an extensive area surrounding the volcano
    • Short Term Responses
      • People were rehoused
      • Roads and  Bridges were repaired
    • Long Term Responses
      • The volcano is now more carefully monitored
      • Tourism has increased boosting the local economy
      • Soil fertility improved because of the ash deposits
    • Secondary Effects
      • Ash blocked rivers destroying fishing sites causing flooding
      • Sediment ruined bourge transport on the Columbia River
      • flooding destroyed crops, livestock, roads and bridges




it was actually 61 deaths you find

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